Floating Dock

contact person:
Kamila Konieczna, mob. +48693437116, kamila.konieczna@navikon.pl

We can deliver customized, turnkey floating dock with the lifting capacity up to 8000 tons.

Our last product is the 5000 tons floating with the principal dimensions:

  • lifting capacity: 5000 t
  • length: 123,21 m
  • breadth moulded/inside: 30,00 m / 25,00 m
  • depth above even/trimmed: 6 m / 7 m 

The dock is painted with Hempel anticorrosion system and equipped with 2 units of remotely controlled cranes up to 16 tons each. A set of generators with the power of 1x630 kVA and 1x300 kVa guarantees the autonomy of the dock.




Production of 8400 DWT Timber Carrier Bongo for the Swedish shipowner MP Bolagen. The turnkey delivery of barge was completed after one year from keel laying and was a great success for both Navikon and Shipowner.

Our last product with the principal dimensions:

  • maximum lenght: 98 m
  • maximum bean: 22 m
  • side wall height starboard/port: 3,32 m / 7,60 m
  • deck area: 1900 m2
  • draught (at max cargo): 5,0 m

Cargo capacity

Pulp wood: 6500 m³ fub

Wood chips: 8600 m³ fub

Limestone/cruch. stone: 8200 tonnes


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