Type of work: mobilization
Date: October 2017
Scope of works: 
The whole demobilization have been done in less than 6 days. During whole operation we removed Tower Grillage, Nacelle Grillages, Flatrack Foundation, Container Foundations, padeyes, twistlocks etc. The approximately total weight of removed constructions: 170 T. It has been a challenge for us because we have had to reduced of flame cutting to minimum. 90% of removing have been done by useing of grinding mashines to cut off. 
To optimize our acctivity we have used our new belt grinding machines.

Barge 121

Type of work: repair
Date: September - October 2017
Scope of works: 
- Steel renewals in tanks (bottom frames and bulkheads),
- Bottom plating renewals,
- Hull grit blasting and painting with Hempel paint,
- Tanks HP washing and painting with Hempinol,
- Minor repairs on deck.

MP Covers for MP flange protection

Type of work: construction
Date: August - November 2017
Scope of works: 
50 pcs. MP COVER structures for GeoSea NV Belgium. The MP COVERS are as a protection structures of the MP flanges on the GeoSea 
The constructions have been produced according with the standards:
- Execution class: EXC3 as per ISO 1090-2,
- General welding tolerances: EN ISO13920 class BF,
- Welding seams class B as per EN ISO 5817,
- Welds, edges and other areas with surface imperfections have had prepared according to ISO 8501-3, P2,
- MP COVERS have painted with 2 layers of Hempel coating system, total 200 um dft, RAL 6018.

Barge 102

Type of work: repair
Date: May - August 2017
Scope of works: 
- Steel renewals in tanks (side and upper frames),
- Bottom, deck and sides renewals,
- Tank rooms HP washing and painting with Hempinol
- Hull, coamings and parts od deck gritblasting and painting,
- New spud wells assembling with caisson use,
- Spud piles repairs,
- Minor steel repairs on deck,
- New diesel tank manufacturing and assembling with necessary 
connections to barge systems.

Pulling frame seafastening

Type of work: construction
Date: April 2017
Scope of works: 
fabrication of two units seafastening frames 8 tons each. Total weight 16 t. 
Execution according to ISO 1090-2, ECX 3, PN-EN_ISO_5817, PN- EN ISO 13920 AE class. Painting with 1 layer Hempel painting system.

Pipes for fishfarms

Type of work: constructions
Date: March 2017
Scope of works: 
8 units of 14 m pipe for Tubilah octagonal shaped fish farm. Scope of works: pipe cutting and welding.
Total weight 37 t. Dimensions of each pipe 14 x 1,2 x 1,5 m. Painting system – jotomastic 300 µ.

Support for jacket legs

Type of work: constructions
Date: March - May 2017
Scope of works: 
12 pieces of support for jacket legs construction, each construction consists of main frame and top plate with rim. 
Total weight 133 tons.Execution according to ISO PN-EN 1090-2 class EXC2,  PN-EN_ISO_5817, PN- EN ISO 13920.

Nils Dacke

Type of work: vessel repair
Date: February 2017
Scope of works: 
- drencher system repair /DN120 pipes renewal, 
- ultrasonical cleaning of 950mm oil heater,
- collision valve in fore peak repair,
- scupper pipes renewal,
- 3 sections of fire fighting pipeline system renewal.

Platforms for Hornsea One Project

Type of work: constructions
Date: March - April 2017
Scope of works: 
Upper internal platform - diameter of construction: 5100 mm, weight: 1275 kg, scope: equipment of jacket, execution class: EXC3
Termination platform - diameter of construction: 5100 mm, weight: 1330 kg, scope: equipment of jacket, execution class: EXC3 
External ladder - length: 5700 mm, width: 900 mm, weight: 720 kg, scope: equipment of jacket, execution class: EXC3
External platform - length: 12700 mm, width: 4200 mm, weight: 7945 kg, scope: equipment of jacket, execution class: EXC3.

Merkur seafastening innovation

Type of work: construction
Date: January 2017
Scope of works: 
Modification to another construction GeoSea Galloper Seafastening. The project included:  3 pcs.  of inlay cradle, total weight 33 t.;  1 unit of inlay beam 21 t.; 8 pcs. of adjustable saddle filler blocks, total weight 3 t.; stopwatch for hammer seafastening, total weight 1,6 t. Construction made according to EN 1090-2 EXC 3 , EN ISO 1101 and double sided painting with Epox 250 µ and Polyurethane 50 µ. 


Catwalk skid

Type of work: construction
Date: January 2017
Scope of works: steel construction according to the NORSOK M101 and DNV-GL 2.7-3 standards with total weight of 16.5 tons.
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