Seafastening structures for installation vessel

Type of work: construction
Date: August - November 2016
Scope of works: Navikon was awarded by Geosea with contract for fabrication  various seafastening structures for installation vessel "Innovation" for project  Galloper Windfarm. 
Navikon scope was to produce abt 550 tons of seafastening for monopiles transportation and upending within only 3 months. 
The largest structure has dimension LxBxH 22 m x 21 m x 10 m and weight abt 220 tons. 
This work proved Navikon capacity to execute large complex projects within very demanding delivery time.

m/s Hydrograf

Type of work: repair
Date: July 2016
Scope of works: Docking repair, hull painting, replacement stiffeners and frames in aft peak tank, various mechanical and steel works.

Kronprins Frederik

Type of work: repair
Date: May - June 2016; February 2017
Scope of works: 
Prefabrication and installation of new aft ramps.
Navikon was awarded a contract for prefabrication and installation of new aft ramps for one of Scandlines ferries operating on Germany / Denmark route. 
Scope of work consists of:  aft ramps renewal, bow deck and bow visor conversion, new bow fenders prefabricating and assembling, new auto mooring bollard assembling, new bunkering station assembling, steel renewals in heeling tanks according to class requirements, new aft warping roller assembling. Weight of two ramps is approximately 40 tons. 


Type of work: mobilisation
Date: February - April 2016
Scope of works: 
In April 2016 Navikon was awarded by Bilfinger Marine & Offshore System GmbH with contract for mobilisation of MPI Enterprise with  various seafastening, foundations and assemblies for  transportation of Nordergrunde Offshore Wind Farms components to installation area in port of Bremerhaven. 
Navikon managed to execute the mobilisation within very  challenging schedule of 14 calendar days with total 50 professionals engaged on two shifts. Scope of work included all preparation works on/below deck (insulation removal and coating systems, scaffoldings), lifting and final assembly on deck inclusive all necessary work (compensation with shim plates, measurements, NDT). It was also Navikon responsibility to arrange working area for mobilisation in port of 
Bremerhaven ( including power supply, media connections, weather protection, construction site equipment and tools). We managed  to execute the project on time and within budget while adhering to highest quality and HSE requirements. 


Nordergrunde Offshore Wind Farm

Type of work: repair
Date: February 2016
Scope of works: 
Navikon was awarded with contract for MPI Tool and Equipment refurbishment and modification in Bremerhaven which includes amongst other: 
Pile Guiding Tool Spreader supports modification, Hammer Foundation Unit modifications, general steel repairs, repairs of painting system, lubricating of all movable parts, visual inspection of all bolts and retorquing. 



Helideck support structures

Type of work: construction
Date: January 2016
Scope of works: produced for our Client Marine Aluminium Helideck support structures for vessel Dina Star conversion.



Steel decks

Type of work: construction
Date: January 2016
Scope of works: produced for Mosterfarm 2 steel decks for fish farms service.
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