Type of work: repair
Date: November 2015
Scope of works: 
- bulwark repair - HP renewal with straightening;,
- bow-thruster motor transport, installation and connection,
- bow-thruster control unit repair,
- crack repair jobs on deck.


Type of work: repair
Date: October 2015
Scope of works: Docking of ship to carry out bottom survey and measurements of rudders and shaft clearances.


Barge 103

Type of work: repair
Date: June - September 2015
Scope of works: 
- making 4ps. of spud arrangements,
- making new engine room and tank room, installation of 1 genset with hydraulic power pack with all piping systems and emergency stop on deck for each engine,
- building 1 diesel tank 6000L and 1 sewage tank 4000,
- making a new main stairway - to engine room,
- installing 2 x 20” containers on deck, maneuvering platform - prefabrication and installation,
- winches, weight towers and deck wire roles installation on deck,
- making of internal bulwark,
- making of  heavy duty railing,
- prefabrication and installation of navigation mast,
- painting of all barge outside,
- painting engine and pump room.


Seafastening for lifting beam 

Type of work: construction
Date: April - May 2015
Scope of works: For project Sandbank Offshore Windfarm Navikon produced and delivered seafastening frames for  securing to the deck  the Monopile Spreader Beam and Transition Piece Spreader Beam  during transportation to installation site on Offshore Installation Vessel. All seafastening frames including access structures were produced and painted within only just 22 days.

Barge seafastening

Type of work: construction
Date: February - March 2015
Scope of works: The Monopile seafastening is designed to seafasten 4 MPs per transport on the NB90 barge. The seafastening consists of 12 cradles; 8 outer cradles and 4 inner cradles. The inner cradles use a hydraulic skidding mechanism to position two MPs towards the center of the barge after being lifted in the cradles. Total weight 300 tons.


Type of work: repair
Date: February 2015
Scope of works: vessel shell plating thickness measurements, generator overhaul, air conditioning repair, steam generator coolers overhaul.


Type of work: construction
Date: January 2015
Scope of works: Elements for fish farms, 3 pcs; total weight 20 tons; dimensions 25 x 7 x 2 m.

We are pleased to notify that our 4600 tlc floating dock sold to West African Client is already on her way to new location. We wish the Buyers successful operation.

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