14ft Aible dry food storage containers

Type of work: steel construction
Date: June - December 2013
Scope of works: steel constructions according to the NORSOK M101 and DNV 2.7.1 standards

BOP Access Tower

Type of work: steel construction
Date: August - October 2013
Scope of works: The design built according to the NORSOK M501, NORSOK E-001,  DNV OSC401 Oct.2010, DNV OS-B101, DNV 2.7-3 standards.On the design used: sliping aluminum platform.


Berge Helene

Type of work: FPSO repair
Date: May - August 2013
Scope of works: steel renewal of longitudinals, bulkheads and stiffeners, steel outfitting works like boat decks, railings; renewal of pipe lines.


Type of work: ship repair
Date: May 2013
Scope of works: 6th special survey of the Swedish vessel, steel works on the hulls and inside walls, restore of all hatch covers, maintenance of the hull/holds, blasting and painting, repair of hydraulic system of hatches, rudder and electric motors for self  discharching system, dismantling and inspection of the propeller shaft. 


Type of work: vessel repair
Date: April – August 2013
Scope of works: docking repair after grounding, steel renewal on the bottom, repair of steering and propulsion system.

Subsea Manifold System

Type of work: subsea construction
Date: January – April 2013
Scope of works: offshore construction for a Norwegian company.


Type of work: repair
Date: March 2013
Scope of works: afloat repair after a collision, restoration of PS bulwark, maintenance and painting of new steel construction, pipe works.


Type of work: repair
Date: October 2012 – March 2013
Scope of works: general steel repairs and painting of six Danish barges.

Offshore container

Type of work: steel construction
Date: November 2012 - February 2013
Scope of works: steel constructions according to the NORSOK M101 and DNV 2.7.1 standards with total weight of 10 tons, length of 9 m, height of 3,2 m and width of 2,4 m.
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