Type of work: steel construction
Date: October 2012
Scope of works: offshore construction.


Type of work: vessel repair
Date: October - November 2012
Scope of works: afloat repair of the German vessel – single voyage class permission. Repair of all hatch panels, maintenance of deck cranes, steel works inside holds, carpenter, electrical and mechanical works.

Navikon Floating Dock No 2

Type of work: new building
Date: 2011 - 2012
Scope of works: the second floating dock with the principal dimensions: 5000 t lifting capacity, length of 123,21 m, breadth moulded/inside: 30,00 m / 25,00 m, depth above even/trimmed: 6 m / 7 m; painted with Hempel anticorrosion system and equipped with 2 units of remotely controlled cranes up to 16 tons each. A set of generators with the power of 1x630 kVA and 1x300 kVa guarantees the autonomy of the dock.
We can deliver customized and turnkey floating dock up to 8000 tlc.


Type of work: dredger repair
Date: June 2012
Scope of works: docking repair onboard, renewal of steel in the area of hopper, hull and main deck; pipe works.

Timor Stream

Type of work: general repair
Date: April 2012
Scope of works: general ship repair after a collision, steel renewal of about 100 tons in forward hull part, new 42 tons bulb bow, blasting and painting of the whole hull, alignment of the tail shaft.


Barge SB 8422

Type of work: conversion
Date: January 2012
Scope of works: conversion of the Danish barge, installation of bulkheads in ballast tanks, reinforcement of cargo deck, new electrical installation.
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