m/v Zeeland

Type of work: ship conversion
Date: November 2011
Scope of works: generally conversion with modification of the tank top structure, fish tanks area, upper platform engine room, cargo hatch, aft deck, provision store crane, ventilation inlets-in funnel, compressor room (stainless steel box); separation of sludge tank; new subdivision of the engine room; rearrangement of laboratory and vacuum space, upper deck, cargo elevators and division of upper forepeak. 

Widening of the floating dock RW2

Type of work: conversion of the floating dock
Date: August – October 2011
Scope of works: widening of the 120 m long floating dock with additional 6 meters to reach an width inside of 22 meters, increasing of the lifting capacity from 4.500 to 5.600 tons.


Type of work: ship repair
Date: June - August 2011
Scope of works: 11th class renewal; repair of dredging equipment, renewal of over 100 tons of the hopper bulkheads, steel on the hull and the bottom doors; full balasting of the hull including painting.

m/v Mornes

Type of work: ship repair
Date: March 2011
Scope of works: afloat renewal of 78 tons of cargo hold tanktop.


m/v Listerhavn

Type of work: ship repair
Date: February 2011
Scope of works: renewal of damaged outer flat bottom after grounding, replacement of almost 50 tons of steel.
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