Quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE)

Navikon is commited to providing both healthy and safe conditions at a workplace. All our business activities are conducted in a manner that protects the environment. 

Company’s core QHSE mindset is, that all accidents are preventable so that a ‘zero harm’ to personnel, material and non-material assets can be achieved.

What we want to emphasize, that we strictly obey the EU directives, under which the employers are responsible for the health and safety of the workers. As required we assess risks and take practical measures to protect the health and safety of our workers, we keep accident records, provide information and training, consult employees and cooperate as well as coordinate measures with contractors. Navikon hierarchy of prevention is set as follows: 

  •  avoiding risks
  •  combating risks at source
  •  adapting work to the worker
  •  replacing the dangerous with the non dangerous
  •  giving collective measures priority over individual measures


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